Bauer Mariner Compressor

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Bauer Mariner Compressor Specification

Dimension (L x W x H) :

  • Mariner 200 = 125 × 59 × 63 cm
  • Mariner 250 = 125 × 59 × 63 cm
  • Mariner 320 = 130 × 64 × 70 cm


  • Mariner 200 = 115 kgs
  • Mariner 250 = 120 kgs. (gasoline); 130 kgs (electric)
  • Mariner 320 = 138 kgs. (gasoline); 154 kgs (electric)

Air Delivery Rate:

  • Mariner 200 = 200 L/min (7 cfm)
  • Mariner 250 = 250 L/min (8.8 cfm)
  • Mariner 320 = 320 L/min (11.3 cfm)

No. of Tanks filled at a time:

  • Mariner 200 = 2 tanks
  • Mariner 250 = 2 tanks (can be configured to 4 filling hoses)
  • Mariner 320 = 4 tanks

Motor: Electric or Gasoline

Accessory: Intake filter tube/hose (not included)

Time to fill a 12-liter tank from 0 to 200 bars (3,000 psi):

  • Mariner 200 = 12 minutes
  • Mariner 250 = 9 minutes
  • Mariner 320 = 7 minutes

Many have considered the Bauer Mariner Compressor as the ultimate in portable breathing air compressor system that perfectly fits for short-term use and/or continuous operation.

With an incredible driving gear that uses the latest in industrial roller bearings, the Bauer Mariner Compressor is both durable and robust in its construction. It has a reliable lubrication system courtesy from its low pressure oil pump that contributes to the maximum efficiency of the unit. In terms of casing, it is housed in an ultra-lightweight aluminum chassis that is a perfect agent against corrosion.

The Bauer Mariner Compressor Series

The Mariner is one of the few Bauer compressors that has a series of models that addresses different needs.

Bauer Mariner 200

Photo courtesy Bauer

The Bauer Mariner 200 is considered as one of the versatile compressors under the Profi-line II series that uses an electrical control system that automatically shuts the unit off when final pressure is reached.

It utilizes the P-21 filter system which integrates oil and water separator with its own retention valve that conforms to DIN EN 12021 standards. This means that the carbon dioxide content it produces from the unit does not exceed standards applicable for breathing air.

While the Bauer Mariner 200 is relatively big and heavy weighing at 115 kilograms, the unit when operated does not produce loud noise and is considered to have an optimum smooth running courtesy from its vibration-reducing motor rocker which also reduces the tension of the V-belt.


Bauer Mariner 250

Photo courtesy from Bauer

Aside from being considered as one the impressive units under the Bauer Profi-line II series, the Bauer Mariner 250 is known to produce one of the freshest air quality courtesy from its innovative filter system called Bauer P 31 Super Triplex. This guarantees its users against icing and air impurities.

Similar to the Bauer Mariner 200, the Mariner 250 employs the IK 120 compressor block that can cater to high-demand use and can operate for over 30,000 hours. Slightly heavier that the Mariner 200, the 120 to 130 kilogram weight of the compressor block of the Mariner 250 and all its components are protected  by a corrosion resistant crash frame with sturdy handle bars making operation and handling easy.

Bauer Mariner 320

Photo courtesy from Bauer

With a superb 7-minute filling time for a 12-liter cylinder from 0 to 200 bars (3,000 psi), the Bauer Mariner 320 consistently sits on the top of the Bauer Profi-line II series. Its primary mechanism is the IK 12.14 compressor block that has been rated to be highly durable and can withstand the toughest climate condition.

Aside from the Bauer B-Timer, the Securus is another accessory that can be added to the Mariner 320. The primary function of the Securus is to electronically control the filter cartridge saturation producing dry breathing air in accordance with international standards, such as the EN 12021:2014. But you have take note, Securus is only compatible with the Mariner 320 that runs on electric motor.

Video courtesy fromBAUER KOMPRESSOREN Servicevideos

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