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Bauer Oceanus Manual Specification

Dimension (L x W x H) : 79 × 35 × 42 cm

Weight: 52 kgs.

Air Delivery Rate: 140 L/min (4.9 cfm)

No. of Tanks filled at a time: 1 tank (can be configured to 2 filling hose)

Motor: Electric or Gasoline

Accessory: Plastic Intake filter tube

Time to fill a 12-liter tank from 0 to 200 bars (3,000psi): 17 minutes

If you want a portable breathing air compressor system that is fast charging, then the Bauer Oceanus is the one for you. Based on the air delivery rating, the Bauer Oceanus Manual will fill a scuba tank 40% faster as compared to the Bauer Junior II.

Photo courtesy from Bauer

Although almost identical in size with the Bauer Junior II, the Bauer Oceanus Manual is heavier by 7 kilograms. This is due to its robust base and frame that houses a larger compressor block capable of delivering high pressure air at 140 liters per minute (4.9 cfm). If we talk about long term use, designers guarantee a longer life span for the compressor courtesy from its low-pressure lubrication, which in effect, slows down the speed of the gear pump and increases the life of all internal moving parts.

It is notable that the Bauer Oceanus Manual has corrosion resistant base and frame made from high grade stainless steel which is ideal for areas with high humidity or for tropical climate use. The crankcase is especially designed to tilt during operation to decrease body tension. If you are worried that the compressor oil might be unevenly spread during tilting, do not worry as the Bauer Oceanus Manual is designed to store a generous amount of compressor oil even on a 30° angular position. With this, the Bauer Oceanus can operate and fill-up a tank while on an inclined position (like when you are sailing) since it has a longer oil pick up.

Twin-tank Fill Configuration and Other Accessories

Photo courtesy from Bauer

Due to a higher filling capacity, the Bauer Oceanus Manual can be configured to fill two tanks at the same time. Although it is initially configured to hold one filling hose, you can pre-order with your supplier for a supplemental filling hose attached to the compressor unit.

One more consideration in selecting the right supplemental filling hose is that it should be high-pressure rated that is flexible and has its own pressure gauge. Please check with your supplier about the availability of filling hose. Just a reminder with regards to filling time: expect longer filling time when you choose to fill-up 2 tanks at the same time as the surface of the tank to be filled is doubled.

Another accessory that you may consider installing in the compressor unit is the B-Timer. This mini-computer is installed on the side of the filter system that will monitor the current level of filter saturation and will give you an indication if it is time to change the filter cartridge.

And lastly, while a single person can carry the 52 kilogram weight of the Bauer Oceanus, having a trolley would significantly aid you in mobility.  The Bauer Compact-line Trolley is designed to carry the compressor at any terrain courtesy from its large pneumatic tires making your compressor stable and secure while on transport. 

Video courtesy from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

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