Tristan Paylado: Ocean Lover turned Writer

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What do you expect from a boy who lives in the tropics surrounded by islands? The obvious answer would be for him to love the sea. And that’s the case for little Tristan who spends most of the weekend at the beach with his family.

An Aspiring Astronomer

During his early days in secondary school, Tristan was bewildered by the immensity of space and wanted to take up Astronomy in College. Unfortunately at that time, there were no such discipline being offered in the University as a Bachelor’s degree and the only way to learn the study of celestial objects and space phenomenon was through an informal club or organization.

But that was not the end of the line. In fact, Tristan realized that why go to the skies when he has the sea right in front of him. In other words, he pursued his second passion and eventually became a Marine Biologist. Even though he spend days and nights out at sea studying the ocean and its marine life, he never forget to look up the skies and search for constellations he deeply knew with just the use of his bare sight.

To Speak or To Write?

Some of the duties inherent to a marine biologist is to write proceedings about the study he or she conducted or speak in front of a crowd about the findings of the study using the simplest English language possible. Tristan’s speaking and writing skills was inevitably developed from simple scratch to descriptive flowering words.

Working on the side, Tristan nurtured his diving career. He earned his OW certification during his early days in College and became a certified rescue diver before graduation. In hopes of becoming a dive pro, he worked at various dive shops around the country until he closed a deal with an English dude for a month-long exclusive VIP dive safari where they became classmates during the instructors course.

Being both a marine biologist and a scuba instructor opened windows for Tristan where he started to become a content writer and a speaker with a slight sense of humor.

So, is it to speak or to write? The answer is irrelevant as long as the topic Tristan will write or discuss is about diving and/or the marine ecosystem.

Writing about Aussieland

When John Shah (Instructor and Owner of Go Diving) offered him to write articles about Western Australia, he was hesitant at first as he doesn’t have any knowledge about the Land Down Under. Please take note that Tristan, or his shadow, has never set foot on Australia and has always been confined in his mother land – The Philippines. But when John specified that it was going to be about diving and unexplored reefs, Tristan’s interest spark and they immediately discuss about the details of the writing task.

He hopes to fill the pages of with interesting articles and make its fans and readers want to read for more.

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